This class is for studying - bring books and work everyday.

You can earn computer time on Fridays or other assigned day by:

Grades will be checked weekly - you will have computer privileges as long you are passing all classes. Computer time will resume when you have raised the failing grade.


You must be IN the classroom BEFORE the bell begins to ring. The determination of this will be at the discretion of the FAST Class teacher. Tardies accumulate over an entire semester. On the third tardy, a letter will be sent home indicating a problem with getting to class on time. A referral will be sent to the main office on the fourth tardy. Refer to your handbooks for severe tardy.


This section refers to situations such as, but not limited to, disrupting other students, being loud, verbally abusive, argumentative, or insubordinate in any way.


This section refers to students working and using FAST Class in the way it was intended. Students must come to class prepared to work. Just a reminder, sleeping is NOT working; therefore it is NOT permitted. Students must bring their supplies to class each day (i.e., planner, binders, books, pen/pencil, etc.).

I understand that this class is to help me succeed academically ; therefore, I agree to follow these rules and those on the assertive discipline plan for FAST class. I also understand that by not following the assertive discipline plan and above rules, I will jeopardize my position in this class.

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