F.A.S.T Friday
(Foster Academic Success Today)

Salem Community High School is initiating a positive academic success program. This program is intended to reward and reinforce students who already exhibit good grades as well as motivate students to improve. Additionally, FAST days will provide students with academic interventions and teacher supports to the student during the regular school day instead of requiring students to make arrangements for before or after school.

On FAST Fridays, SCHS will operate on the early dismissal (2:15) bell schedule. At 2:15, students will report to their Homeroom class. Students that have all grades 70% or higher will be excused from their Homeroom class after attendance has been taken. All buses will still run on the regular dismissal schedule. If students ride the bus and do not have a ride at 2:15, they will be able to stay and participate in activities until buses arrive at 3:15 PM. If students do not ride the bus or have a ride, they are free to leave.

Students with a grade below 70% in any class will be required to stay until the normal 3:15 PM dismissal time. From 2:15 to 3:15 PM, students will meet with content area teachers in order to improve their grades. This intervention time will provide students with the opportunity to work on missing assignments, test corrections and retakes, makeup work, test prep, and extra practice.